4. Connecting to the internet portal and viewing your data

NOTE: Your FarmSense Internet portal includes two user accounts.

4.1 Find the Portal registration email you received from FarmSense soon after your order was shipped.

4.2 Follow the link in the email to register your account, you will need to decide on a secure password.

4.3 After you have completed registration, open the portal and login: portal.farmsense.nz

Now is a great time to add a bookmark to your mobile phone’s home screen.

4.4 On initial set-up, your chart will appear empty while the system gathers the initial data. To check device set-up, click on “select dashboard” and select “status”.
Your device/s will show current state and signal
to confirm your devices are setup correctly and working.

4.5 Go to the settings dashboard and configure your email address and mobile number for alerts. You can rename your devices to match your tank names and set your tank parameters.

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