Smart farm monitoring systems, easy to install and use

Monitoring water, rain, soil moisture and wind on the farm used to be based on common sense, experience and a healthy pinch of guesswork. When Gerald Williams moved to a farm in Hawke’s Bay with a limited water supply, he needed to remove the guesswork from that equation to keep the farm operating at peak efficiency. His solution is now available for you to use too.

Smart monitoring systems

With a background in technology, and designing and managing telco networks, Gerald adapted and applied smart technology to his farm to monitor the water supply and alert him if there were shortages. The technology was also an excellent fit for monitoring soil moisture and temperature, checking tank levels, fence voltages and measuring rainfall.

Simplifying the system for every user

The success of these systems led to Gerald developing plug and play farm monitoring systems which any farmer would find easy to install and use. Not only do they provide you with real time information direct to your smart mobile device, you get the peace of mind that you can deal with any issues before they become major problems.

Make better decisions with less effort

The huge advantage you get from a FarmSense monitoring system is having critical information at your fingertips. When you know when problems occur in real time, you can fix them immediately. When you can see what’s happening with water, soil and wind, you can make better decisions about how to manage the farm. With simple changes, you can remove troubleshooting from your workload and say goodbye to guesswork.