WaterSense Starter Kit

The WaterSense starter kit includes everything that farmers need to gain visibility over water tank levels and receive text message alerts when things go wrong.

  • Plug & Play Simple, fuss-free set-up that doesn’t require an IT degree
  • Connected Wirelessly internet connected to give you access to your tank levels on your phone wherever you are
  • Graphs and Alerts Tracks and displays data trends so you can see the current situation, where things are headed and text message alerts when things go wrong
  • Rugged Designed for working farms and Kiwi outdoor environments
  • Stand Alone Solar powered, self-contained and wireless.

WaterSense Tank Add On

Add extra tanks to your WaterSense system.

  • Expandability Add up to 30 water tanks to your WaterSense system.
water sense repeater product images

WaterSense Repeater Add On

When line of sight is an issue, our Sensor Hubs also function as wireless repeaters.

  • Add coverage Add a repeater to extend coverage to your WaterSense system.