Soil Sensor – 80cm

Perfect for deep rooted trees and vines, this 80cm soil probe measures Soil Moisture and Temperature at 8 depths, 10cm apart. 5m cable. Only 1 Soil Moisture Sensor supported per Sensor Hub.

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FarmSense integrates with EnviroPro® sensors which have been proving their excellence in farming, scientific research, education and mining industries for over 20 years. EnviroPro® sensors have been uniquely designed to have a larger field of influence than competing probes of similar diameter, to allow for a greater sample size. They also employ clever techniques to compensate moisture measurements for variations in temperature and salinity. While some probes require occasional re-calibration in the field, EnviroPro® soil probes are individually calibrated in factory to ensure life time repeatability. This allows users to collect trustworthy data at any depth, from anywhere on their property, compare and learn from historic events and trends and apply this knowledge to future events.
  • Dimensions Φ35 × 850mm
  • Cable length 5m
  • Installation Buried in ground
  • Operating Temperature -20℃ to +60℃
  • Moisture accuracy: +/- 2% @ 0% VWC to 50% VWC
  • Temperature accuracy: +/- 1 °C @ 25 °C
Sensor Only, Requires Sensor Hub with spare sensor connection port. For complete systems, check out our Starter Bundles here

$1,599.00 inc GST

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