Wind Monitoring

Wind monitors help you predict the weather

Wind monitors provide weather metrics that help you to better predict top dressing and spraying, by tracking historical weather patterns for your specific land area. The information also helps you to better anticipate disease risks through weather patterns and conditions. With FarmSense, you can view real time and historic metrics from your smart mobile device.


Graphs display data trends so you can see the current situation and where things are headed.

Wirelessly connected to the internet gives you access to your data on your phone wherever you are.

Plug & Play
Simple, fuss-free set-up.

Stand-alone, solar-powered, self-contained and wireless.

Rugged Design
Ruggedly designed and constructed for working farms and Kiwi outdoor environments.

Ultrasonic Weather Station for Sensor Hub Pro/Pro 4G

Ultrasonic Weather Station. Measures temperature, humidity, pressure, wind speed and direction.