Soil Monitoring

Soil moisture sensors let you see what’s happening below ground

A FarmSense soil moisture sensor gives you accurate data at your fingertips, so you can optimise your irrigation plan, save water and find the right balance to maximise crop growth and quality. With FarmSense you can anticipate when pasture growth will halt due to a lack of moisture in the summer and when crops will start growing due to rising temperatures in spring. All information is delivered in real time to your smart mobile device.


Graphs display data trends so you can see the current situation and where things are headed.

Wirelessly connected to the internet gives you access to your data on your phone wherever you are.

Plug & Play
Simple, fuss-free set-up.

Stand-alone, solar-powered, self-contained and wireless.

Rugged Design
Ruggedly designed and constructed for working farms and Kiwi outdoor environments.

40cm Soil Moisture Sensor for Sensor Hub Pro/Pro 4G

Measures Soil Moisture and Temperature at 10cm intervals.
4 sensors / 40cm