George Williams

Beef and Venison Farmer – Tikokino, Central Hawke’s Bay

George is well known in his neck of the woods for growing exceptional quality venison, velvet, beef and grazing dairy heifers on his 1200-ha farm Te Maire.

An early FarmSense adopter, George could easily see the benefits of a FarmSense system monitoring his water tank levels across his farm and his deer velvet freezer temperatures.

“Water is essential for stock health and performance, not to mention the major damage stock can do to water systems and fences if they run out of water!!” Says George.

“The FarmSense system alerts me via text message if my water levels drop too low, giving me ample time to get on top of issues before they become problems. Similarly, monitoring our freezer temps where our Deer velvet is kept ensures that all of our hard work doesn’t go to waste.”

Having used the system for around 12 months now, George offers some candid advice to farmers, “The peace of mind FarmSense offers our business is priceless, when I am on or off the farm. The cost of a water problem can run into tens of thousands of dollars before you know it, so why the hell wouldn’t you use it?”