About FarmSense

Several years ago, Gerald Williams moved to a farm in Puketapu, Hawke’s Bay which had a limited water supply.

With a background in technology, designing and managing telco networks, Gerald saw an opportunity to apply technology to help farming his block, particularly when it came to the water supply and getting alerts when things were going wrong. The technology also lent itself to other areas of managing his farm such as monitoring soil moisture & temperature, checking tank levels, fence voltages or measuring rainfall and so on.

Gerald could see the technology providing a huge advantage for farmers and with encouragement coming from family and friends across the farming sector, FarmSense came to be.

Over the next few years, Gerald worked on refining the FarmSense platform to make it simple and easy to use, giving farmers the data they need for peace of mind, wherever they are, whenever they need it.

They say that knowledge is power and that comes from the confidence of making decisions based on real time data from the FarmSense network, gone are the days of guess work and getting it wrong. “More time fishing, less time looking for problems!” Gerald says.