Water Flow Kit

FarmSense water flow monitoring systems give you visibility of your water usage. It alerts you to leaks before they become major problems – even when you’re not on the farm – by text message if usage exceeds your alarm level. You’ll always be able to see how much your using and history on your phone.
  • Early detection of leaks or malfunctions.
  • Cost savings through efficiency.
  • Data-driven decision-making for farming practices.

Kit Includes:

  • 4 Port Sensor Hub.
  • 25mm Arad Sonata Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter.
  • 5m Sensor Cable.


  • Alerts – Receive alerts by text message and email when usage exceeds your alarm threshold which could indicate a leak.
  • Graphs – Graphs make it easy to see all your usage at a glance.
  • Wireless – Wirelessly connected to the internet gives you access to your data on your phone wherever you are.
  • Plug & Play – Simple, fuss-free set-up.
  • Expandability – Connect as sensors to your FarmSense system as you wish.
  • Solar-powered – Stand-alone, solar-powered, self-contained and wireless.
  • Rugged Design – Ruggedly designed and constructed for working farms and Kiwi outdoor environments.


Sensor Extension Cable 5m

$49.00 inc GST

Sensor Extension Cable 10m

$79.00 inc GST

Sensor Extension Cable 15m

$99.00 inc GST

Water Flow Meter Box

$129.00 inc GST