1. Setting up and connecting your WiFi adaptor

1.1 Install the antenna to the WiFi Adapter, it should be finger tight.

1.2 Connect the WiFi Adapter to power using the USB power cable and adapter plug. It will beep twice, and the WiFi LED will start flashing.

1.3 Now we need to connect your WiFi Adapter to your home/ office internet WiFi while the WiFi LED is flashing.

1.4 To do this, open your mobile phone settings
(Cog icon on iPhone) then select WiFi to see a list of available WiFi Networks.

1.5 Select the WiFi network “FarmSenseSetup” to connect.

1.6 A message should appear on your phone asking if you want to sign in – click yes

NOTE: If this message does not appear, go back into WiFi settings and click on “FarmSenseSetup” again to bring
up a status screen. Click the Link under “Manage Router”.

If this still does not work, try opening a web browser and enter the address “”

1.7 On the pop-up screen on your mobile phone, click on the button “configure WiFi”. This will bring up a list of all of the WiFi networks that the WiFi Adapter can see.

1.8 Select your home/office internet WiFi network fromthe list available in the pop-up screen.

1.9 Enter your home/office internet WiFi password. If there is no password, leave this blank.

1.10 Click “Save”. If the connection is successful, the WiFi LED will light up solidly within a few seconds. If the unit beeps twice and the WiFi LED starts flashing again, the connection process has been unsuccessful and you need to restart fromstep 1.4.

1.11 Position the WiFi Adapter in a place with the least obstructed view towards your tank/s such as a window sill, but do not permanently attach the WiFi Adapter yet.

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