WaterSense Repeater Add On

$450.00 + GST

When line of sight is an issue, our Sensor Hubs also function as wireless repeaters.

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If line of sight is an issue, this repeater will get you covered.

This kit includes a Sensor Hub on its own to reduce costs while boosting coverage for your WaterSense bundle or WaterSense add-ons.

This system requires a WaterSense bundle in order to work and a WiFi internet connection at your home/office and line of sight to your water tank or other Sensor Hub upto 4kms away.

You can monitor up to 30 water tanks with additional tank add ons.


  • Add coverage Add a repeater to extend coverage to your WaterSense system.


1 x Sensor Hub
1 x Sensor Hub bracket
1 x Mounting hardware kit
1 x Antenna
1 x User manual and warranty booklet


1 x Power On Plug

Do I need Wifi or Internet at my home office?

Yes, currently the FarmSense network requires an internet connection with Wifi to connect. You also require a mobile phone with Wifi or 4G/3G coverage to view your data on the FarmSense dashboard and receive text message alerts.

What if I don’t have Wifi / internet?

A FarmSense SensorHub with 4G / 3G built in is coming soon.

How do I install / set-up my FarmSense system?

You should have received an installation and user guide in with your FarmSense system, you can also download a copy of the guide from the FarmSense website.

What tools do I need to install the FarmSense SensorHub?

32mm hole saw
3mm drill for plastic tanks or 6mm drill for concrete tanks Cordless drill
Phillips screwdriver or bit

Do I need to install an external antenna?

You can install an external antenna if needed for extended coverage, but this is rarely required.

What range will FarmSense work up to?

The FarmSense network is designed to operate reliably up to 4kms with line of site between the sensor hub and Wifi adapter.

What does line of site mean?

Line of site means no hills or trees between your sensor hub and your Wifi adapter at 4kms distance. With less distance, you may find that trees, foliage obstruction and buildings may be OK and not hinder the coverage of your FarmSense network.

What if I need to go further than 4kms or don’t have line of site?

You can use additional SensorHubs as repeaters to strengthen and extend your coverage if needed, you can also use these for adding sensors to your dashboard. Get in contact if you need any help with planning your FarmSense network.

How long is the warranty?

FarmSense offers a full 1-year return to base warranty.

How do I set-up the Wifi adapter with my device?

Please check the FarmSense network for comprehensive guides to set-up your FarmSense WiFi adapter with other devices, or if your device isn’t listed please get on contact with FarmSense.

How does the water sensor work?

The FarmSense Water Sensor works by measuring the water pressure at the bottom of your water tank. Please note the Water Sensor is not suitable for other liquids.

What other sensors does FarmSense offer?

FarmSense is constantly developing more sensors to add to the network to give farmers more data to make better decisions. If you have an idea for a sensor you would like please get in touch to add your suggestion to help our product development pathway.

Do you offer a display unit?

No, FarmSense data is displayed via the internet so you would use your mobile phone instead of a display, this means you can access your data anywhere that you have internet.