Autumn Update

Welcome to the Autumn update from FarmSense, we have some exciting new price and product updates for you in this update.

One of our big announcements and a bit of good news in this update is a change to our pricing structure.  

We are happy to announce that due to innovations in how we manage the portal and text message system, we are able to drop the annual text message alert subscription charge altogether. These charges were previously $36 / year for each Sensor Hub. This applies to new and existing customers.

4G Sensor Hub
The headline says it all, we are currently working on a new 4G mobile version of our super popular Sensor Hub. 

The 4G version will mean you no longer need line of sight back to your house/office; it will work anywhere with Spark’s 3G or 4G cell service. This will make set-up even easier and allow far wider installation location options for your FarmSense Sensor Hubs too.

Development of the 4G Sensor Hub is well underway, while we don’t yet have pricing or a release date confirmed, you can register your interest here and be the first to find out.

Also in development is another product that many of you have been asking for, a water flow sensor to detect when and how much water is flowing through a pipe. This will work great with our WaterSense system to keep you in the know about the status of your farm water supplies.

Early testing looks good, and we are currently working on buttoning down the specs. Maybe you can help us out and let us know what size water pipe and fittings you use on your farm? 40mm or 50mm? let us know here.

Sensor Hub Pro
Due for release later this year, we have been busy developing a “Pro” version of our Sensor Hub. 

The Pro version has four sensor inputs rather than the one on the original. This will allow multiple sensors to be connected to a single Sensor Hub i.e. WaterSense, FlowSense and other sensors as we continue developing them. 

Well, that’s it for our Autumn update, we hope there’s something interesting in here for you and if you have any feedback, just get in touch.